Contestant Profile

Survivor: Caribbean

Tribe(s) Enriquillo
Placement  13/16
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against  4
Day(s) Lasted  9

Survivor: Spain

Tribe(s) Aqua
Placement 20/21
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 9
Day(s) Lasted 3
Statistics of Spuertvliovvoerr
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 12
Challenge Wins
Total 1
Tribal Council
Total votes received 13

Spuertvliovvoerr aka Reid is a contestant on Survivor: Caribbean and Survivor: Spain


Name(Age): Reid (13)
Tribe Designation: Enriquillo
Current Residence: Earth 
Personal Claim Of Fame: Getting korors orgs all-stars and being a narwhal 
Inspiration in Life:  People
Hobbies:  TAR, Survivor. ORGs, having no life, sitting on the couch.
Pet Peeves:  NICK(Smeltz or Kuruptlifex)
3 Words To Describe You: Lazy, smart and AFRICKENNARWHAL
If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why?:  My house with wifi and my pets, a hottub and my friends
Survivor Contestant you are Most Like:  NONE OF THEM >:)
Reason for being on Survivor:  Stuff
Why do you think will be Sole Survivor: I won't

Survivor: CaribbeanEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Reid's Voting History
Episode Reid's
Voted Against
1 Jaren -
2 Enriquillo Tribe Immune
3 Jessy Jaren, Szymon
Henry, Jessy
Voted Off, Day 9

Survivor: SpainEdit


Tribe: IDK
Hometown: Arizona
Current Residence:look above
Personal Claim To Fame: me
Inspiration in Life:me
Pet Peeves: Slow drivers, Rodney fans, Jenn fans, Missy fans, Koror, Solar, Baylor fans, Purry, utensils, my alarm clock, people who hate on survivor, that Neil guy from PoS on FB, Janelle from BB6, Parvati, Rupert haters, people who think they have sass, people who think Courtney doesn't have sass, Courtney h8ers, the hantz family, the word "Hantz", Russell Hantz, Brandon Hantz, Willie Hantz, Shawn Hantz, the word spu, whenever a spu comments get a ton of likes, when people call me spu, when emma calls me thatspu, when people don't respond when I say hi *glares at dan and ryan*, whenever Ronnie 2k is hating on my player (Bizmo Funyins, I couldn't think of anything decent, so I named him something stupid), whenever Bizmo gets less then 2 blocks in a 2k game (RONNIE 2K CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!), whenever Bizmo gets less then 5 rebounds in a game (RONNIE 2K CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), whenever Bizmo gets less then 7 points in a 2k game (you know what im about to say.............. RONNIE 2K CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Susie from wales, people who think im a sexist/homophobic, sexist and homophobic people in general, scott from bb5, marvin from bb5, people who h8 on micheal from bb5, when people try to ship me with random girls, your mom jokes, majority of people at school, when people have too many pet peeves (oh the irony), people who think im anti-social, people who oppose my life choices, people who think that you cant live on a vegetarian diet, the dumb arugments in class debating if fish is a meat, meat in general, people who think im stupid, Thomas Jeffery Rand Jr, the shady hosts *glares at tyler and nuno* I think I've shared enough.
Previous Finishes: 13th
Favorite Past Moment: none
Previous Survivor He Respects Most:  me
Previous Survivor He Respects Least:  jessie
Why Did You Come Back?: cuz i was bored

Voting HistoryEdit

Reid's Voting History
Episode Reid's
Voted Against
Voted Out, Day 3


  •   Reid was the first ever player to be sent to Exile Island.
    • He also was the first one to be sent back-to-back.
    • He is also tied with Purry for most times exiled, with two.